Higher Book



In the book Higher, Charles Hanna reveals the deep inner conflicts that caused him to crash from meteoric success into depression and addiction.

Higher offers key insights about why today’s commonly embraced values fail to guide us toward fulfillment, and leave us empty and emotionally disconnected.

Hanna then offers a roadmap to guide readers as they set out on their own journey to greater fulfillment and serenity. In Higher, readers learn:

  • How to develop a higher perspective
  • How to find a new path marked by thrilling and fulfilling choices and opportunities
  • How to process shame and secrets
  • How to cultivate self-love
  • How to heal the wounds of childhood
  • How to re-focus attention on blessings instead of lacks
  • How to always do the next right thing
  • How to establish new priorities that ensure a meaningful life
  • How to structure a daily routine that guarantees personal fulfillment


How Much Did You Pay For Your Life?
Do You Have Perception Disorder?
How Do We Find A Higher Perspective?


“Nothing is forever lost or damaged.”

Charles Hanna