Author Charles Hanna describes the critical importance of self-love and self-care, and explains how ignoring your own needs is a misguided approach to ‘giving’. Hanna makes the point that self-care is not a selfish act; it requires focus and gratitude, and you owe it, not only to yourself, but to everybody around you.

The Journey to Higher

Video clips covering Charles Hanna’s journey into acute Perception Disorder and the addiction that nearly took his life.

Finding our Higher Perspective

Charles discusses the gifts and challenges that life offers us, and how our perception causes us to interpret our experiences as either a blessing or a curse.

Finding our Higher Power

How do you define ‘God’? Charles discusses ways of looking for one’s higher power, how we fit into the universe, and the importance of prayer or meditation.

Finding our Higher Purpose

Charles discusses the critical importance of self-care, and how crucial it is for us not to isolate ourselves, but rather to seek out the viewpoints of others to help us adjust our perceptions.

A New Way of Life

If you occasionally feel resentful, angry or depressed, these video clips will help you understand how to ground yourself using techniques like the Inner Child meditation or deeply personal prayer.

Living 24 Hours at a Time

Do you use a daily routine to ground and focus your life? Charles offers his system to help you create helpful and nurturing routines to minimize anxiety and maximize accomplishments.

Closing Thoughts

Charles discusses the true meaning of happiness and success and how you can use gratitude to improve every aspect of your life and find serenity.