Higher Podcast – Pilot Episode: Finding Your Higher Purpose

HigherBook Podcast

What is your Higher Purpose? If you’re not sure, welcome to our pilot podcast!

Download this episode for later. READ MORE “Higher Podcast – Pilot Episode: Finding Your Higher Purpose”

Is Perception Disorder Causing Your Addiction?

addiction and perception disorder

Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. Even after my surrender it kept trying to manipulate my mind to make me slip and destroy my recovery. READ MORE “Is Perception Disorder Causing Your Addiction?”

My Daughter Challenges Me: A Father’s Perspective

Daughter challenges her father

Challenges force us to correct, to improve, and to grow. More importantly, they are our Higher Power’s way of directing our attention to areas that require immediate attention. It is like a self-monitoring system that tells when and where we need to change. No matter what that challenge or even devastation is, the outcome can and will always be better, provided we are in the best frame of mind to tackle it. READ MORE “My Daughter Challenges Me: A Father’s Perspective”

The Beauty of Old Age

old age has its gifts

quotes_greenMost people grasp how crucial it is for children to not miss out on their childhood. But we miss that it’s equally crucial not to miss out on all of life – adolescence, middle age, old age, single life, married life, parenthood, or any other phase. Every stage is an incredible gift that must not be wasted or compromised in any way. READ MORE “The Beauty of Old Age”

A Lesson in Parenting Through Adversity

a child faces adversity

Adversity strikes in all sizes and colors. Adversity is often relative although it’s never pain-free. READ MORE “A Lesson in Parenting Through Adversity”

Something bad happened to me. How do I change my perspective so I feel better?

dr jeanette gallagher with author charles hanna

New interview with Dr Jeanette Gallagher: “What is a healthy perspective? We can’t just stop disease, we can’t stop destruction of the earth, we can’t stop change of the earth, or the human being or the human body. How do we avoid letting ‘bad’ things take us to our knees?” READ MORE “Something bad happened to me. How do I change my perspective so I feel better?”

Banish Your Anguish: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Wasted’ Time

nothing is wasted

I recently had a chance to talk to some people who are incarcerated. Stuck in prison for a year or two, sometimes longer, many of them look at incarceration as being ‘wasted’ time. They’re frustrated. They can’t wait till they get out, having lost a couple of years of life. READ MORE “Banish Your Anguish: There’s No Such Thing as ‘Wasted’ Time”

How to Protect Yourself from Being Triggered

emotions triggered too easily

quotes_greenThe ultimate show of self-love is to protect ourselves from trigger situations and prevent an emotional downslide that can compromise well-being. A lot of us have grievances and issues. And even though we may think we’ve dealt with them, they can still trigger us emotionally. READ MORE “How to Protect Yourself from Being Triggered”

Why I Write (and who it’s for)


A lot of people have asked me, “Who is this book written for?” And I haven’t wanted to identify any specific demographic, sex, age or social standing.  Because any human being asks, “What’s the meaning of life? Where are we going? What’s the direction of life?” READ MORE “Why I Write (and who it’s for)”

KMET Interview – How Perception Disorder Causes Addiction

author charles hanna on kmet smart talk


KMET1490AM – Los Angeles

Host: “You see why I had to schedule him. He was amazing. His testimony was real. It was deep. There were no excuses. What an amazing story. He was meant to live. He was meant to live to tell this story and to do that book.” READ MORE “KMET Interview – How Perception Disorder Causes Addiction”