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How Much Did You Pay For Your Life?
Do You Have Perception Disorder?
How Do We Find A Higher Perspective?

Key Messages

Happiness is a way of thinking.

Even if you strive to be completely ‘selfless’, you have to take care of yourself first.

Addiction is a disease of perception.

Charles Hanna Interviews & Articles

Podcasts, Radio and TV (selected):

dr jeanette gallagher with author charles hanna

Something bad happened to me. How do I change my perspective so I feel better?

New interview with Dr Jeanette Gallagher: "What is a healthy perspective? We can't just stop disease, we can't stop destruction ...
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author charles hanna on kmet smart talk

KMET Interview – How Perception Disorder Causes Addiction

KMET1490AM - Los Angeles Host: "You see why I had to schedule him. He was amazing. His testimony was real ...
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chad benson addiction

Addiction – The Chad Benson Show

Chad Benson: "I am getting all sorts of texts as we are talking about this guy. This is what the ...
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How to Have a Fulfilling Life – Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

Dr. Jeanette of Wellness Radio has lots of difficult questions for Charles Hanna, including, "What is a fulfilling life?" and "When ...
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CKWS Television – What is Perception Disorder?

In this fast-moving 7-minute interview, award-winning host and producer Bill Welychka asks Charles how the tragedies of his early life ...
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Knowledge for Men: How is Your Self-Care?

In this focused and intense interview, Charles Hanna shares with Knowledge for Men host Andrew Ferebee how his accomplishments, success and ...
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charles hanna author perception

KMZU: How Perception Disorder Causes Addiction

With unwavering honesty, Charles Hanna reveals the common perception disorder that led him into drug addiction, and the extreme conditions under ...
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The Dr. Leslie Show: Addiction is a Disease of Perception

Charles Hanna shares with Dr. Leslie his addiction story. From entrepreneurial success, power and material wealth, Hanna plunged to the doors ...
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Articles by Charles Hanna

addiction and perception disorder

Is Perception Disorder Causing Your Addiction?

Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. Even after my surrender it kept trying to manipulate my mind to make me ...
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Daughter challenges her father

My Daughter Challenges Me: A Father’s Perspective

Challenges force us to correct, to improve, and to grow. More importantly, they are our Higher Power’s way of directing ...
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old age has its gifts

The Beauty of Old Age

Most people grasp how crucial it is for children to not miss out on their childhood. But we miss that ...
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a child faces adversity

A Lesson in Parenting Through Adversity

Adversity strikes in all sizes and colors. Adversity is often relative although it's never pain-free ...
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“Once we truly see ourselves within the wider perspective of the universe, our role and function within it becomes clear.”

Charles Hanna