Higher Book Testimonials


Recent reactions from readers:

email“I bought your book when it came out and thought it was a really good read. Months later I have been rereading it for therapeutic reasons and finding it quite helpful.”

P. McCONKEY via email

FaceBook“I wanted to let you know that I read your book and it had a profound effect on me. It came into my hands at the right time, just when i really craved some spiritual guidance. Such a great read! I enjoyed it very much and even copied a bunch of quotes from the book to remember and live by. I still practice some of the meditation advice and making a deeper connection with my inner child. Thank you for this book – you have really birthed something great into this world!”

H. AGANOV on Facebook

Tumblr“I purposely took forever to finish this book because I didn’t want it to end. A book that gave me peace of mind. A book beautiful inside and out. I highly recommend “Higher” by Charles Hanna to anyone who wants to find greater beauty, meaning, and success in their life. “Happy people like the way things are and they look forward to change. Unhappy people don’t like the way things are and they do not like change.”

TUMBLR reader review

Rose Caiola“A great starting point for anyone who wants to make significant change in their life. Hanna guides us past the thoughts that hold us back from becoming our best, happiest, and most-fulfilled selves.”

ROSE CAIOLA, founder of Rewire Me

MNI Alive“Candid, eye-opening and insightful.”


SMS media“This is a book that is worth a second read and one that I will be keeping on my shelf after I loan it to some family members to read. If you are feeling stuck in your life and you are not sure what the problem is or what to do next, Higher may be just what you need.”


Serene Scene“Wonderful for those in early recovery, and long-term recovery, and anywhere in between.”


Jeanette Gallagher“Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re experiencing; I would really recommend this book.”

DR. JEANETTE GALLAGHER, Alternative Medicine and Wellness Radio

Fraser Valley News“I would recommend this book to anyone in recovery no matter what stage or step they are at.  I would also recommend this book to anyone searching for a deeper meaning in their life. Hanna provides readers with practical and practicable techniques and ideas so that everyone can apply the Higher way to their daily routines and to their dreams. An uplifting and inspiring book…Five stars, a definite must-read.”


Erica Berman“If you find it hard to believe that a life of luxury will not magically make you feel happy, Hanna does a good job of explaining why this is the case. I believe this is an incredibly important thing for most North Americans to understand.”


conscious community“For some people, it takes hitting an all time low to discover real happiness. Charles Hanna shares his personal experience with life management, as well as his climb towards true freedom after his life had taken a dark turn to addiction and self-doubt.  Hanna explains how finding our Higher Purpose actually allows us to use our personal demons to become our best selves.”


good reads“I found it particularly helpful that he shares the tools and attitudes that have helped him sustain recovery and to have a more fulfilling life. It was deeply inspiring to read about his honestly accounted struggles and how he turned his life around, learning to be mindful and to surrender to a higher power to find peace in all situations (note: this is not a “religious” book at all and he mentions that you can apply the principles no matter what your religion or spiritual orientation). I have already starting implementing what I’ve learned from this book as an experiment in my own life.”

GOODREADS reader review

amazon.ca“The book is, in a great way, highly provocative…it made me challenge perceptions. And it provides real answers…ie the inner child meditation and powerful analogies (which the author has an incredible talent for). The author shares his life – challenges and all. I was left relating to his human-ness yet being awed with such a level of consciousness, and an incredible intelligence/creative ability to convey his story. Highly recommended.”

AMAZON.CA customer review

amazon.com“The first time I read Higher I was on a long car trip so I read it out loud to my husband as we drove. We paused often to discuss points the author covered. We had fantastic, open-hearted conversations that gave us new ways of looking at our lives. I’ve now read the book a second time, underlining and making many notes in the margins. I haven’t experienced addiction and recovery but I deeply resonated with so many things in this book, and I was left feeling hopeful and more connected than I’ve been in a long time. If someone like Hanna could face such unbearable losses in every aspect of his life and come out of it with a new perspective and passion for life, then what’s my excuse?”

AMAZON.COM customer review


“You do not ‘own’ yourself. You were created with specific attributes, in a specific place, at a specific time, and for a specific reason.”

Charles Hanna