Higher Podcast – Pilot Episode: Finding Your Higher Purpose

HigherBook Podcast

What is your Higher Purpose? If you’re not sure, welcome to our pilot podcast!

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The Higher podcast focuses on issues that deeply affect us all

How do I choose the best path?

Why do I often feel disconnected?

How can I feel more joy?

How do I manage my resentments?

Why don’t I feel more engaged?

And how do I find serenity?


In this pilot episode, author Charles Hanna covers topics that bring immediate relief to the curious or troubled heart.

  • How self-sacrifice is illogical (and destructive)
  • Why listening deeply is the best way to bond with another human
  • Why the more alone you feel, the more you need to talk to others
  • How to relax and know that everything is going to work out
  • What you can do to make a child feel safe in the world
  • How to see your child’s challenging behavior as a healthy sign
  • Why we should focus on new opportunities as we age

Download this episode for later.

Finding Your Higher Purpose: Episode Notes

This episode covers how to develop better self-care, more serenity, the ability to listen deeply, and ways of incorporating collective perspective when you have emotions or circumstances you need to resolve. 

In our pilot podcast, author Charles Hanna talks candidly about 7 meaningful topics from his new book, Higher: Awaken to a more fulfilling life. Now a successful CEO and philanthropist, Hanna once faced a dark future when he fell into cocaine addiction. Higher is the distillation of everything he learned as he faced his demons and took each hard-won step toward self-knowledge and serenity.


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