Speaker Charles Hanna


Charles Hanna at Idea CityCharles Hanna is a charismatic speaker. He connects deeply with audiences and draws on a lifetime of stories—both tragic and uplifting—to convey his unique strategies for fulfillment.

His insight and great success as an entrepreneur and in large corporations will inspire everyone to achieve their maximum potential, and ensure enduring personal success with a spiritual grounding.

Charles’ gift for honesty and bemused self-knowledge engages audiences at the core level, inspiring deep reflection.



Charles is available to speak on the following themes:

  • Handling Challenges: How to view and handle challenges and use overwhelming setbacks to achieve healthy personal growth.
  • Understanding the Disease of Addiction: Why addiction happens, how to recognize its underlying causes, and what to do to ensure successful recovery.
  • Perception Disorder in Parenting: How to take challenging behaviour in stride and see it from a healthy new perspective.
  • Why Everything Is Always Going To Be Okay: How to take the anxiety, fear and apprehension out of life by understanding the gifts in adversity and challenges.
  • Healing the Child Within: How to use the framework of the Inner Child meditation to heal old hurts, forgive relatives, vanquish unwanted cravings and connect intimately with a Higher Power.
  • Living in the Moment: How to savour life by quieting the noise within, and how to balance spirituality with ambition and the quest for success.
  • Daily Routine: How to establish a daily routine to achieve serenity that endures and grow over time.
  • Parenting: How to instill proper grounding and handle challenging behaviour from a healthy new perspective.
  • The Beauty of Old Age: How to enjoy the most beautiful phase of our lives without sabotaging it by self-centered fear.
  • Success through humility: How to achieve your greatest success through humility and the connection it gives you.

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“Through my own struggles with addiction and recovery, I had to learn to understand and navigate acute perception disorder.”

Charles Hanna